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What is Shopless?
Shopless is an elegantly simple solution to your most pressing daily chores an easy to use, flexible and smart online community Personal Shopper and Delivery App.
Your favourite shops, same-day delivery, straight to your door we've got you covered.
How it works
Make a list
Fill out the Shopless form in the app.
Choose what you need: Groceries, Health & Beauty, Essential Clothing and Urgent Personal Items.
Send the delivery request
Mark the items you need today. Change the list whenever you want.
Receive your purchases
Receive what you've requested delivered to your door. Adjust the time of the delivery if your plan's changed or you are stuck in traffic.

Why Shopless?

Smart shopping
The more you use the app, the more it learns about you. Shopless can predict when you need a new item. For example, it will remember that a pack of milk you ordered 3 days ago is gone and you may need a new one.
Time saving
Shopless is a same-day delivery service. We will pick up your pizza, drop into the pharmacy and get that outfit for you too.
Smart Shopping services halve the greenhouse gases generated by traditional shopping patterns.
Do a little bit to save the planet as you save yourself the chore.
Fighting food waste
In Ireland, we waste upwards of 1 million tonnes of food every year, throwing €700 of our annual shop straight into the bin.
Shopless eliminates food waste and saves your money by anticipating what you need when you need it.
Today, Penneys.
Tomorrow, food.
The app.
At the weekend, the English Market.
Shopless was started by a busy working mum who found she couldn't get everything done she needed to. Time poor, it was a constant struggle to shop for everything.

Shopless is the solution. It is an elegantly simple solution to your most pressing daily chores - an easy to use, flexible and smart online community Personal Shopper and Delivery App.
Choose what you need from any of our High Street stores, and our shoppers will go to each store, locate each product and deliver them to you on the same day, saving you time driving, shopping and parking. We even deliver to your workplace.
Shopless Personal Shopper
Buy from any of our Shopless stores.
Shopless Membership
Monthly subscription.
This includes 10 monthly hours.
Corporate Membership
Monthly Membership for your employees.
That's two personal shops delivered to the workplace per week.
That's over 50% saving on our individual membership.
As a retailer, subscribe to our app annually. You can upload your catalogue directly or we can help you do so. Your customer places an order via the Shopless App and our Shopper arrives instore, picks the order and then delivers it same day*. We also offer corporate membership and deliver to the workplace. Shopless meets your customers' needs by saving them time shopping and parking and keeping virtual footfall in your store.
Annual fee for Shopless platform
Video Content & Social Media Posts
That's a monthly video featuring your store or brand plus.
Timely cross platform social media posts throughout the month.
High Production Value Adverts.
Our inhouse video production team offers high production value contextualised adverts for your brand.

Our personal shoppers succeed by knowing your products, by building a rapport with our customers and by bringing the two together. We all know that personal shoppers love to shop and love to be en vogue. They are Social Media savvy, pushing all the seasons trends. Incentivising them is key, so Shopless Tote is our Employee perks program.

Offering monthly rewards from you, our retailers, our personal shoppers can win a monthly prize for the most active on Social Media, the most shops per month or a simple raffle to give them all a chance to win more. In turn, they will promote your brands, making those all- important sales and guaranteeing that virtual foot fall.

* 3 hour cut off from close of retail business for same day deliveries

For further information please contact: 1800805579

Shop from your favourite store online,
saving you
time and money.

Join Shopless community
Start doing smart shopping today.
Choose the option that fits you more.
Full-Service Shopper
Shop and deliver orders
  • Independent contractor
  • Access to a car required
  • Choose hours that work for you
  • Shop and deliver orders
In-Store Shopper
Shop orders within a store
  • Part-time employee
  • No vehicle required
  • Flexible schedule
  • Shopping only
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